Nikolas Psaroudakis

Runik's Cubes

Runik’s Cubes is a set of cubes that can be used to wirelessly control music and video through midi.

Each cube has a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, plus wireless communication and built-in battery. This allows the user to turn and rotate the cubes without any wires attached. In one setup the user can change musical instruments by turning the left cube. By turning the right cube, the user can select between several parameters in the selected instrument. By rotating the left cube, the user can manipulate these parameters, e.g. turning down the volume, applying distortion or adding delay to the instrument.

The cubes were created as a final project for the Introduction to Physical Computing class at ITP taught by Tom Igoe.

Runik’s Cubes have appeared with their old name ( Super Duper Cubes ) in:

Runik’s Cubes is a project created with Rune Madsen.